F & M PLUMBING PASADENA – Plumber Rewards Giveaway – ‘Ransom’


“I will find you and I will destroy you.” – said the Marketing Team last Friday after our promotional gift was “misappropriated” then ransomed by some sort of practical jokester. What would happen if there was a prize giveaway, but there was no prize, just an empty spot where it sat for the majority of the day as the objects of desire for candy lovers and food aficionados alike? Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, this type of prize could be easily replaced but when (time of day) it came up missing, is what put us truly in a bind. Minutes from the close of the contest and (((POOF))) it vanished into thin air – then it got weird.

Chocolate Candy Bars
This is how the contest started
plumber office desk
‘Gone Candy Gone’ – no clues
Plumber giveaway
Then there was a mysterious twitter follower @Det_shaker???
Plumber giveaway chocolate
I do not give in to ‘Candy-nappers’
Plumber giveaway chocolate
I’ll be your huckleberry
Plumber giveaway chocolate
Not a researcher I see – lol SMH…
plumber giveaway chocolate easy
I’m way too savvy – baby! Just researched the hardest riddle ever a couple months ago hahaha –
Plumber giveaway chocolate defeat
plumber giveaway chocolate candy
Run me my “money” (Candy)
plumber giveaway chocolate candy wrappers
– I do lol yes I do…SMH

Well that turned out to be a waste of time, but thanks to some quick thinking on our end we were still able to have a giveaway with replacement gifts but the question still remains who is @Det_Shaker?

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