Have you noticed a cool draft in your home recently? It may not be your HVAC unit hitting you with the perfectly timed cool breeze during the summer heat. If you feel air drafts moving throughout your house, especially near your doors or windows, there may be air leaks in your home. Air leaks could be costing you tons of money on energy bills. The air you pay to warm up or cool down spaces within your home is being wasted and it could be a hairline culprit to blame.
Leaks and cracks cause your HVAC to work overtime, raising your electric bill.
Don’t waste your money on unneeded costly repairs, you can fix many air leaks yourself. Read these tips to find out how to spot and stop the air leaks in your home.
Detect air leaks. If you see any gaps or cracks in your caulking or weather stripping, they could be sources of an air leak. Also, if you can rattle your doors or windows, there’s likely enough space for air to make its way inside.

Look and feel for any cracks, gaps or drafts in all the following areas:
Exterior corners
Foundation seals
Door and window frames
Weather stripping around doors
Electrical and gas service entrances
Air conditioners
Vents and fans
Attic hatches
Any area where pipes or wires run into the house

A good way to test if you have found a point of exit for air, hold a lit incense stick near windows, door frames and suspected air leaks. If the smoke rushes out or gets blown back into the room, you’ve confirmed there’s an air leak there.
Caulk small gaps. If you find any openings less than 1/4 of an inch wide, use caulk to seal the air leaks. If you need to caulk around pipes that get hot, be sure to use high-temperature caulk.
Use foam sealant on gaps that are 1/4 of an inch to 3 inches wide, like the areas around plumbing pipes and vents.
Weatherstrip doors and windows to seal air leaks. While you’re weatherstripping, check your door hinges to ensure they’re tightly screwed, as well. If they’re loose, they could add more air to your home.
Be sure to follow these tips on how to find air leaks in your home so you can stay safe and save money this season and all year long. If you have other questions on how to protect and preserve your home for years to come, give us a call. ServiceMaster Restore is always here to help you keep your home in the best shape possible.

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